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Self-appointed winery tour challenge

5 Jun

One of the nicest things about living in a recognised wine region is the opportunity to skip the mass-produced, widely distributed wines and instead quaff on something that has been cultivated closer to home. The Geelong wine region is one of the oldest wine regions in Australia and has a range of red and white varieties on offer.

The region cannot claim recognition like McLaren Vale or the rustic character of Rutherglen. You won’t find the big brand and big production wineries but you will find charming, boutique, family run operations that ooze charm and produce beautiful Pinot, Shiraz and Chardonnay varieties.

So determined am I to show off the region to you that I have decided to embark on self-appointed challenge to visit every publicly accessible winery in the region. Geelong Wine distribute a map of the region which I will use plan my assault. At this point, I should mention that I am no wine officianardo, and I have no  intention of blogging a running commentary of my amateur tasting notes. I’ll leave that to the professionals.

I’ll be kicking off my first Geelong winery visit this week by heading out to Waurn Ponds and the St Regis Vineyard & Winery.