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A farmers haul

2 Apr

Golden Plains Farmers MarketWho doesn’t love the idea of fresh, home-grown produce.  The idea that you can feed yourself and your family from the crop you’ve created in your backyard. I love the idea and one day when I have the time, patience and more idea about home horticulture I will discover create a food oasis in my (little) backyard.

But for now I find that there is no need for my toil and trouble as farmers markets are the new groove. Grab your coolest eco-friendly bag and head out on Saturday morning and you’ll be sure to stumble upon one. Farmers and their families congregating in allocated space to sell there freshly picked and packed produce.

Today I stumbled just a little way down the road to the Golden Plains Farmers Market. Unlike shopping at the big box supermarkets, Farmers markets give you a chance to talk with the farmers direct. As I collected a bag of delicious looking tomatoes I was informed that they had been picked just yesterday and as I collected a bunch of fresh looking leek directly from the back of the farmers ute, I was reminded to that one can use all of the leek, not just the white bit as was commonly thought. Then, as I sampled a local Shiraz (yes, wine before lunch – how naughty!) I chatted with the vineyard owner about what salivating meals I could match with the Shiraz that was about to be the latest item into my eco-friendly bag. Finally with a bag of fresh farm produce I stopped to grab a loaf of baked that morning, ciabatta bread.

Farmers Markets are a great way to sample, see and discuss the produce of the region. Not only do you deal direct and cut out the supply chain costs, but you end up with the freshest produce money can buy.

Yes, I still wish I could head out into my backyard and pick a bunch of broccoli or a few tomatoes for a salad, but with such array of produce on my doorstep I guess maybe its doesn’t matter so much.