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Some mystery in our history

10 May
Picture is for illustrative purposes only

We’ve all misplaced or completely lost a set of keys before. Its frustrating and annoying, however never does their disappearance become a curious city story like the mysterious Geelong Keys tale.

The sketchy information I could gather tells of a set of iron keys that were discovered in 1845 at Limeburners point. Perhaps they were the keys to a treasure chest accidentally lost from a speculative Spanish or Portuguese ship chartering the waters of Victoria long before Captain Cook. Maybe they were intentionally placed there as a method of soil testing as has been said was a common practice at the time. Or, even more mundane a tale, were they simply the keys to a china cabinet misplaced by a local resident.

The number of keys is debated, the description of the keys is varied, the location not confirmed and the accuracy of the discovery date questioned. A sketch of the keys was supposedly done, but it has been lost. As for the keys, well like every good tale they too have mysteriously disappeared.

Whether the Geelong Keys are legend, an urban myth, part fact or total fiction we will never really know, however a little mystery in a town’s history makes for wonderfully intriguing stories. And who knows, next time your digging up the garden you may just stumbled upon a key piece of Geelong’s history.