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Jack Rabbit

6 Jul

UPDATE 20/11/14 : As of mid 2014 Jack Rabbit Restaurant was rebuilt. On the site Jack Rabbit estate you can now find two different dining options. The rebuilt and highly acclaimed restaurant and Jack Rabbit House, a more casual yet just as picturesque cellar door with cafe styled menu.

Travel the road bound for Portarlington and you will be certain to come across what I consider to be one of the most ridiculous winery logo’s in existence. Its only once you read the winery name Jack Rabbit, that you realise the big white loops in the logo are representative of bunny ears!

Jack Rabbit Winery

Following the signposts down an unsealed road the only clue that a winery is nearby are the vines that line the hills.  Eventually the winery building presents itself sitting high on its elevated position giving you a hint of the majestic views across Corio bay that it commands. You begin feel almost like you’ve discovered a secret, however, as you pull into the busy car park you realise Jack Rabbit is clearly not a secret at all.

Tastings at Jack Rabbit or Kilgour Estate as it was previously known are conducted in the restaurant giving you the opportunity to salivate over the lunch and dinner menus and admire the truly spectacular view. The Restaurant is relatively small but still bright and modern. It lacks the intimacy of a small family run winery however the staff are well-informed and welcoming. I sampled four wines and despite my reservations the 2009 Kilgour Estate Chardonnay went down easily as did the 2010 Jack Rabbit Pinot. Surprisingly, my usual favourite variety, the 2010 Jack Rabbit Cabernet Sauvignon was not to my liking but I was pleased to finish with the Sparking Cabernet Sauvignon which was fantastic, light and fresh. On such a dreary day and priced at $40 a bottle, I just could bring myself to take any home. However now I know about this little winery gem and its amazing location, I’d be more than happy to hop (shameless pun!) out to Jack Rabbit and grab myself a bottle whenever the mood calls.

View Jack Rabbit Winery over Corio Bay

You can find out more about Jack Rabbit and get a glimpse of the wonderful views on their website