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Tiny green men

13 Apr

Poppykettle Fountain

I ran into this little green man the other day, he was hanging by the Geelong waterfront with a few of his friends. This little one was perched up nice and high, taking in a splendid view but  appears to be in a bit of a grump. He wouldn’t tell me why. I suspect that he misses the water that should be flowing all around him. After all, this little green man is part of the Poppy Kettle Fountain located by the children’s playground just near Cunningham Pier.

Poppy Kettle Fountain was a donation by Dorothy McAllister in memory of the her husband and Geelong Councillor, Mayor and Royal Geelong Yacht Club Commodore Ranald McAllister. Wonder if the are any relation to fictional character Robert McAllister of Brothers & Sisters? I doubt it!

Haven’t water restrictions been eased? Isn’t it time these little green men got their fountain back in working order? Well, until that happens why not  pay a visit to these little green men. The extra attention might just cheer them up!