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Love at first chai

28 Jun

White Love Tea - Love Chai

My first encounter with Love Chai was some years ago when the cute, whimisical packaging caught my eye in a local cafe. It was only a few days before Mothers Day so I decided they were ideal gifts for my tea loving mum and mother-in-law. The chirpy assistant at Organic Larder was pleased to inform me that my gifts could also lay claim to being the product of local enterprise.

I was slightly intrigued by the entrepreneurial story of duo Emma and her partner Amon who had gotten into the tea business after noticing a gap in the certified organic, chemical free tea market. Their confidence to invest in an idea and have  dreams big enough to see it through. So often our products are stamped ‘Made in China’, or marked ‘From imported ingredients’ and here was a locally produced product that hadn’t travelled the sea’s or been the concept of a global organisation with their spin and  clever marketing campaigns. Just by buying the product I  felt like I was supporting local business at a really grassroots level.

After successfully gifting the tea to my mum’s I headed back to the shop to purchase some for myself and my non-coffee drinking, all things natural loving, complete chai fan, sister.

Years later and Love Chai is still going strong. They are now distributing an expanded range to over 100 stores nation-wide. From a simple idea to nation wide distribution, Love Chai stands as a great example of local entrepreneurism and enterprise and serves as a reminder of the quality products that are owned and produced in our own region.

You can see a list of Geelong stockists or buy online at the Love Chai website

Love Chai owners Emma & Amon

Emma & Amon

* I have no affiliation with the owners of Love Chai and have not be paid for this post, I just like to spread great local stories.


Parkers Steakhouse

25 May

Set in a small, dead end lane way in Geelong’s CBD you’d have to be fairly lucky to randomly stumble upon this old blue-stone building (c 1853) which is home to a Geelong institution – Parkers Steakhouse.

Entering the interior you are welcomed with a more modern appeal than the outset would have you believe.  Not far from the entrance is the open kitchen, downstairs diners can enjoy free entertainment simply by watching the kitchen staff flame up the specialty steaks. So, immediately as you walk in the door you are hit with the waft of basted beef sizzling on a hot plate.

A true meat lover should indulge in a mixed meat entree platter which has a tasty selection of many things meat and gets the blood pumping and ready for your next meaty feast.

For mine, the main order is always an 200g medium rare eye fillet and a side of chips. The food menu is relatively small which makes selection easy, however the wine menu is a different matter, so your best bet is to request the bar staff for their suggestions. But beware if the friendly, chatty Canadian is in the house, he’ll have you sipping on a Caesar sooner than you can blink. (personally, I cannot come at them!)

The eye fillet may be small but it is mighty and whilst all the typical steak sauces are on offer, I prefer mine with only the basting that is used in the cooking process, straight from the grill and served (or as they say on ‘Masterchef’) plated up on the sizzle plate. Unfortunately every time I have dined at Parkers the chips have always been a touch overcooked, but who goes to Parkers for the chips anyway!