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Fuel + Food

5 May

Fuel & Food Cafe shopfront

I have always  been stunned by the coffee snobiness of Geelong cafes. A waterfront cuppa can cost $4.00 and in my experience has never ever been worth it. On my work days, I grab my coffee fix from a divine place in Greville St, Prahran. Its made with care, expertise  and love. I happily trade my  $3.50 for a cup of brew along with an authentic Sicilian greeting.  I have never found quite the same combination of flair, authenticity, expertise and quirkiness in any Geelong coffee establishment, despite a lot of searching. The decor is usually to safe, the brew inconsistent, the staff too distracted and always, always, always, the price to high.

When I stumbled upon news that a Melbourne style cafe  had made its home in central Geelong I was intrigued, but skeptical. Upon locating the Fuel + Food cafe in Gore Lane I had to resist rolling my eyes at the all to typical prop’s used on the cafe’s facade. Seriously hanging bicycles and a parked Vespa – please.

Despite my initial impressions I ventured inside to find a tiny industrial partial warehouse conversion complete with dark corners and exposed beams.  As I reply-smiled to the busy and bustling barista I began to consider if perhaps I may have finally struck coffee gold!

As customers steadily came in each were greeted by name, I began to wonder if perhaps I was the only unknown soul in the place.  I placed my order, collected some reading material and perched upon a stool by the window. From here I can see the trendy set scoffing what looks like delicious  panini’s and a group of friendly old men down the back clearly settling in for the day. Looking outward I can unfortunately see those awful bicycles hanging beside a few coffee lovers braving the chilly air so they can sip alfresco style on mini stools and take in the view of the TAC buildings east wall.  My flat white arrives complete with clever barista artwork on top. Thankfully there is no cookie, mini chocolate, plastic spoon or cheap paper napkin beneath my cup (my pet hate!). The coffee is good and gone to soon.

The coffee is certainly faultless. But more than that, there is chatter here, there is movement, there is a contagious buzz. I see many elements of charm that make me want to stay here longer. I see why Fuel + Food has been given the Melbouresk tag and on many counts its definitely accurate. I do however urge the owners to ditch the shop from bikes, commission a graffiti artist for the east wall of Gore St, hang some interesting interior artwork and do absolutely nothing different with the coffee.