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Work it baby

16 May

Barrabool Rd circuit equipment

I hear boot camp this and Zumba that but with a one year old in tow I need a workout that’s ready when I am, so often,  any exercise that I part-take in is unorganised and make use of whatever is around me. That might mean a few laps of the local oval, a skipping session in my backyard or all too often I end up resting on my favourite excuse, that it’s all too hard! Today however, with my determination swinging, I took advantage of the Barwon river for a little session.

I parked my car at Barwon Valley Park on Barrabool Rd. Jogging my way along the picturesque river up to where the promenade track meets the road. Turning around, I then headed back towards my car but decided to make my way along the inside bush track which directs me right by an outdoor exercise circuit.

There are 10 pieces of equipment in this circuit all designed to help strengthen different area’s of the body. Many of the machines are designed so that you use your  own body weight for resistance ensuring a different workout for everybody. Some of the equipment could use a good drop of oil as they were a little noisy. There is no way to adjust the equipment, so short folk like me have to skip one or two of the machines, including the seated bike. I improvised on the balance beam converting it into my very own step up and a few minutes of that got the heart pumping. Each piece of equipment has an instruction panel which indicates how to use the equipment and which area of the body should be feeling the burn!

After a few rounds on the circuit I jogged back to my car, grabbed my basketball out of the boot and shot a few hoops at  the nearby basketball ring. I am no fitness guru but this Barwon jog, circuit & hoops session was an easy, active and free, 40 minute workout session.