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Geelong Blogs & Bloggers

12 May

If you’re like me and devour content like it’s a marshmallow infused cronut, you may have discovered the lack of  bloggers with klout from down this way.

Marketers targeting the region could use bloggers with influence in the region. Bloggers who have a uniquely individual voice and focus on all things local. For a while we were delighted by the  beautiful Oh! Hello Geelong blog, the discovery of a new town by  “two girl who were not from here” [Geelong], however after its creators Laura Blythman and Penny Phipps left town the blog fell into disrepair. It now seems to have been invaded by nasty code (thus why I haven’t linked to it here). Such a shame.

We have seen a few foodie blogs emerge including The Geelong Manual which give us the cool guide to great food and drink in town. Tells us where to hang, be seen and most importantly, how the coffee holds up!

The Life of Clare is also a relatively new blogger in the region. Via her pretty blog, Clare shares her green and frugal adventures on the Bellarine.

Geelong Fashionista is a fashion and lifestyle blog with styling and fashion finds and ideas. A great blog, however for the most part content is not centred around Geelong. Look back through the posts and you will find Geelong content, but as the site lacks a search field or a Geelong category tag, we find it hard to add this to our Geelong blogs list.

Mama Geelong is the go to blog bible for many mothers however unfortunately the updates are few and far between.

We like what Sequence Digital are doing with the Wholesome Fun blog, however with the branding on every image and in the sidebar it loses that individally blogger voice and vibe.

If you know a blog that fits that criteria and it didn’t make our tiny list, then hola out loud and we’ll investigate!