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Up, up and away

24 Jun

It’s no secret that tourists flock to the Great Ocean Road, just travel the Melbourne – Geelong freeway at 8am any weekday morning and you’ll see plenty of packed tourist buses headed to the famous beach road. Most of us that live within its proximity have travelled the road countless times and whilst beautiful, its convenience to home means we probably don’t lap it up as much as a German tourist for whom it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Recently we headed to Warnambool stopping en route overnight at Port Campbell to visit some friends. 

Our friend happens to be a pilot for 12 Apostles Helicopters so he took us out to the airfield to check out his ‘office’. The place was teeming with visitors from every corner of the globe. Barely and English word could be heard.  We sat and watched group after group hit the skies to see the Great Ocean Road from the air. After landing every one of them disembarked the chopper brimming with ear to ear smiles and a camera full of snaps.

It occurred to me that whilst this beautiful, world-famous road is in my backyard I’ve never considered seeing it from the air, so when the chance arose to take a ride, I quickly climbed aboard. It was a great ride, spectacular scenery and such a different perspective to see The Great Ocean Road, the farmland, the bush, the Ocean and the inlets – from the air.

Great Ocean Road - Helicopter FlightIsn’t it strange how sometimes we need enthusiastic visitors to remind us of the great things that are right under our noses!