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Bits & pieces

29 Apr

If a magic genie popped out of my next pack of Tim Tam’s and asked what new talent I’d like to be granted I might just ask him to give me the power of crafty cleverness. I’ve hinted before about how I admire those that can turn a dull piece of fabric into a divine bedspread or pick up a stick and craft it into a piece of art. I haven’t been blessed with the ability to draw, sketch or paint but would love to be able to turn out something special with just my imagination and a sharp pencil.

I did once try constructing a mosaic. I even attended a class so as to be guided by a professional, whilst a good time was had, my beach themed house number was more homey kitsch style than anything to be overly proud of.

My mosaic experience did give me good appreciation for the effort and talent involved in putting a piece of mosaic artwork together. Geelong is lucky to have a number of mosaic pieces dotted around the place so whenever I come across one I always stop to reflect on the work that I know has gone into its creation.

I guess until that magic genie pops out of my Tim Tam packet I’ll just have to settle on enjoying the work of other more talent souls!

Have you seen a mosaic about the place? Let me know so I can stop by and admire it.