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Our top 5 kid friendly cafes in the region

11 Sep

Whenever you pull a list like this together you inevitably leave off someones favourite, so note that this list is OUR top places. Feel free to add your favourites via the comments, and maybe they’ll become a favourite of ours one day soon too!

1. Cafe Botticelli

Once a bustling restaurant styled venue in Pakington St, Cafe Botticelli has reinvented itself as modern, funky cafe on Minerva Rd in Herne Hill. With their recent edition of playground space ‘Jabi’s Garden‘, undercover seating for around 16, great coffee and decent parking and you can bet you this reinvented version of Cafe Botticelli is the new mothers group favourite.

2. Little Creatures Brewery

Whenever we suggest this one as a great place to meet with the kids we’re thrown a sideways glace indicating we may have gone a little cray-cray. But stay with us. Think sandpits, concrete floors, easy going vibe, wide open spaces and food and coffee on the go at all hours and you are starting to see that this is no regular beer swilling brewery.

3. Cafe Moby (Torquay)

Provided you don’t mind a big black crow or two practically sitting on your shoulder whilst you devour some lunch, the back yard at Moby’s can be an absolute haven for kids and mums who need a little cafe outing. A rockwall, open space, casual outside dining and a climbing friendly playground make Mobys a top place to reacquaint yourself with a coffee and grab some peace and quite from your little ones!

4. Portarlington Bakehouse

Did someone say bakery? Hell yes and a kids playground in a well spaced out rear yard. These are the makings of a great place to head with the kids. Take a newspaper (or your e-reader if that’s your thang!) as its likely you’ll get a little reading time as the kids amuse themselves!

5.Barwon Edge Boathouse

We can’t quite decide if we love or hate that the fact that this cafe playground is some distance from cafe tables. It does mean you don’t hear the squabbles and screeching of 10+ busy kids, but it also means if you have to attend to the kid version of WW3 then you do have to leave your coffee and make your way over to the play space. That point aside, Barwon Edge is a decent spot to hang with some friends and enjoy a coffee or a meal or both. Park down river a way and you can even build in some exercise into your coffee catch up, which of course just means you get to have a guilt free muffin with your coffee!

What’s your favourite kid friendly cafe in the Geelong region?